Thankful for K

Out of place, K will send you right back.

She my hero, she my savior.

When I go to sleep, I hope K visits me in my dreams.

Ever heard of the person that caught a person falling from a bridge, that is because K talked him out of jumping.

She inspires millions and gives every single one of them hope, her words speak truth and faith.

Certainly gave me a new set of eyes to the world.

Speaking of which her eyes scream passion, a passion for the right, a passion for love, a passion on being the best human being she can be, where she has already succeeded.

If I wasn’t thankful for K, I’ll probably be in hell with all of the other shitty dickheads in the world.

K was and still is my lifestyle, that is why I still wear this bracelet.

K is a superhero but now she taking off for vacation. So it is time for us to step up and be the superhero for us.


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