I saw a TV show where I relate with the main character and in this episode they let the audience inside his mind.

In this episode, they talked about a real life issue that I think many people go through.

What he was thinking felt very real. I had and still have thoughts like his.

At the end of the episode,his daughter comes in and tells him what she feels everyday which we’re the same thoughts he had the very same day.

She asks if it will go away and he says yeah of course it does.

“It’s just a phase.”

“You’ll grow out of it”.

How do you know? I asked.

Does it never go away, do you have to live with those thoughts everyday?

Is it really not possible to just not think?

I want to stay but he always wants to leave. I’m going to stop arguing one day and that will be the day if he decides to stay or leave.

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