AK Series 3047

1997 – we came into existence, at the same time people died, parents cried and a life just been saved.

We cried and cried that is just what babies do.

2017- we came in together and through the middle we unraveled and now we're a separate shoelace. I kept pulling on the wrong string and I couldn't get out of my sweatpants.

I realized I shouldn't rely on you pulling the right string for me.

2047- is the world still even here? I cannot the predict the future. This victory did not come out of the blue, it started with the first small victory and the others that followed.

I don't need stalk your social media anymore because now we are the media.

3047- will fish know how to speak Chinese, are there bugs living in the sea.

We're decomposing in a casket, hopefully there's a family of worms living in us so the love will spread.

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