What will be will be

That's what you called me.

The decision wasn't made based on love if that was true, I would still be with you.

The feelings, the moments and the experience we shared were the most amazing. You gave me love that I will never feel ever again because that was your unique love.

We fought and problems were never resolve but your ridicule came too much for me and that's when I knew I hurt you too much for you to care anymore. I damaged you because I was damaged. Now we're not together, it's incredibly hard to not think of you by side.

It hurts to think about it.

But this is great for both of us.
We provided each other with what we wanted and what we thought we need but we're too young to truly understand what we need and want.

You wanted to be friends after the breakup you once said and I said I don't do that, but how has time changed.

I love you but you hurt me that I just can't be with you.

I hurt you and left you emotionally scarred but you are stronger than I could ever be.

Only actions can change along with our perception of people.

I 100% believe this is just a chapter in our relationship.

But what will be will be.

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